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The choice of splitboards out there has grown so much over the past few years. Splits of all shapes and sizes, designs and characteristics are now available. Whatever you’re riding style and preference in a deck, good chance there’s a split out there to suit. Here are a few 2017 models to check out.


 Jones Ultracraft Splitboard

the expedition split

Jones Snowboards Ultracraft Splitboard 2017

Built around the now legendary Hovercraft shape, the Ultracraft Split takes performance to a new level. Space age construction means the Ultracraft is one of the lightest splitboards in the world – a big plus on long days and just what’s required on a big trip. The solid, powder orientated big mountain shape works in all snow conditions and terrain types and exclusive for 2017 features like the Bolt-less Bridge and Karakoram Ultra Clips really set the Ultracraft Splitboard apart.



Burton Landlord Splitboard

the easy goin’ all-rounder


The split version of the Landlord, Burton’s flagship freeride board, is a great choice for anyone looking for a split that does everything well. The Landlord is also great for those who are relatively new to snowboarding and want a deck that is forgiving and easy-going. That’s not to say the Landlord doesn’t cut it in big terrain, it does, but the ‘twin feel’ and slightly tapered tail just make turning the Landlord so effortless. The Landlord Splitboard is also a blast in powder and solid on hardpack. In short, the Landlord Splitboard crosses terrain type, snow type and rider type spectrums with ease.




Korua Shapes Pencil 64 Splitboard

the surfer’s split


KORUA Shapes take on snowboarding is simple; it’s all about the turn. The Pencil ’64 is the longest deck in the KORUA line and it’s one of just 2 splitboards that the brand currently produce. Clean surf inspired graphics, directional camber / nose rocker, a 20mm set back stance and that beautiful looking semi swallowtail will no doubt make snapping turns on this thing a joy.

KORUA are also one of the few brands to give surface area info for their boards.┬áThis makes total sense, especially for pow boards. The Pencil ’64 comes in at 4478 sqcm meaning this board should float nicely.



Venture Odin Splitboard

the big mountain beast

Odin - Topsheet

After a year’s hiatus Venture Snowboards are back for winter 2016 / 2017. That’s great to see as they have an almost unparalleled reputation for producing super well made decks that last the distance. All Venture boards are manufactured in Venture’s own small-scale facility out of Silverton, Colorado. Consequently quality control is tight, waste is kept to a minimum and every board in the Venture line gets rigorously tested in the mountains surrounding Silverton.

The Odin was designed by the legendary Johan Olofsson and is a beast of a freeride board. The Odin’s shape and flex mean this board is comfortable going flat-out in big terrain – just like Johan himself. A relatively shallow sidecut ensures stability at high-speed, a 9mm taper and 40mm set back stance adds float and the Poplar / Ash core provides a solid and powerful base.



Amplid Blank Plank

the shaper’s choice

Amplid Blank Plank 3

The Amplid Blank Plank Splitboard is the board of choice for riders interested in shaping their own split. The Blank Plank comes pre-loaded with Amplid’s S-Camber and has a Poplar wood core and extruded base – the rest is up to you.

The Blank Plank Splitboard has the Voile compatible standard insert pattern which matches up with most hardware out there and measures 170cm x 32.5cm so the majority of riders will have plenty of wood to play with. I think I’d go swallowtail, wide-ish waist, long, rounded nose and 155cm-ish length. Awesome.





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