5 Surf Inspired Pow Boards For Winter 2015 / 2016

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Snowsurf is a big movement in snowboarding right now. Some of these sticks are short, some are long. Some are loose and playful, others carve like a dream. They all have roots in the ocean. 5 surf inspired snowboards to get your slash on with this winter. 


Gentemstick Super Fish

Gentemstick Super Fish 2016
Gentemstick Super Fish 2016

The definitive powder snowboard brand, Gentemstick is the creation of legendary shaper Taro Tamai. Based out of Niseko (where else?) Gentemstick have a vast range of powder guns, many of which draw inspiration from riding water as well as snow. The Super Fish has an irrestable shape made up of a full swallowtail, Accel Camber for carving control mixed with pow performance and a 22mm set back stance. This thing will never sink and should provide the rooster tail of your dreams.


Jones Storm Chaser

Jones Storm Chaser Snowboard 2016
Jones Storm Chaser Snowboard 2016

The most eagerly awaited new powder board this winter, the Jones Storm Chaser has a full on surf heritage as it was shaped by legendary surfboard shaper Chris Christenson. The combination of Chris’ shaping skills and Jeremy Jones’ freeriding experience produced the Storm Chaser. Its short, wide and very beautiful. The full on surfboard-like Christenson Surf Rocker is upturned towards the tip and the tail for ultimate float and doesn’t have any camber between the feet at all – the Storm Chaser is a board that’s solely dedicated to powder performance and getting the most out of the deepest conditions.


KORUA Shapes Apollo 56

KORUA shapes Apollo 56Pretty much any board in the KORUA line could have made this list, but we’ve gone for the Apollo 56 for it’s asymmetric take on the classic fish style pow deck shape. KORUA’s float camber is your standard ‘s’ shape camber that gives back foot control for all terrain versatility but raises the nose in pow. 31mm of taper and a 20mm set back stance also provides float on deep days when the Apollo should turn into a slash machine.


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Burton Skipjack Surf

Burton Skipjack Surf Snowboard 2016
Burton Skipjack Surf Snowboard 2016

Carrying on from where the Family Tree Pile Driver left off last winter, the Skipjack Surf Snowboard is a looser, surfier version of the regular Burton Skipjack board. Where the regular deck has camber, this board has Flat Top Rocker for mega float and a looser feel. The Skipjack Surf can be ridden with or without bindings due to the surf pad on the topsheet. A nice option for anyone wanting just one board for both regular riding with bindings and also a spot of powsurfing when conditions are right.


Arbor Cosra Nostra

Arbor Cosra Nostra Snowboard 2016
Arbor Cosra Nostra Snowboard 2016

New for 2016, the Cosra Nostra is a powder board that features a reclined, set back version of Arbor’s parabolic rocker which should give this snowboard a ton of float. It also has a carbon strut which will stiffen it up a touch and add pop and directional energy to the shape, a mini swallowtail for float and control in powder and a gorgeous topsheet made using the trimmings of past board production runs – very cool.


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