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Amplid float into winter 2018 / 2019 with two new powder boards in their range; the Aloha Vibes and Dada. Both boards are powder focused, but have different shapes and concepts. The Aloha Vibes is directional and surfy, the Dada more freestyle focused. Part of a mini collection called Future Shapes, the Aloha Vibes and Dada both feature new core profiles and shape ideas. 

‘ With the Future Shapes project, I wanted to strip back the finickity technologies and focus purely on shape. I asked myself “What does a board need to look like to work in powder?”, the way these boards ride in deep snow, I’m pretty sure I’ve found the answer. ‘ – Peter Bauer, Amplid designer.


Amplid Aloha Vibes Snowboard 2019 | The Gemsstock | Amplid 2019
Amplid Aloha Vibes Snowboard 2019

The Amplid Aloha Vibes is a new shape to the Amplid 2019 range. It’s a powder board that’s part of a strong lineage within Amplid’s history. It’s quite short at 154cm, fat and very surfy. As you’d expect from an Amplid board, it’s also designed to rip on hardpack and hold its own in variable conditions. I’ve no doubt it’ll float like crazy though and should be an awesome pow board. 

  • Length → 154cm
  • Sidecut Radius → 8.9m
  • Stance → 25mm setback
  • Waist Width → 280mm
  • Taper → 21mm
  • Camber → Directional Cruise Camber



Amplid Dada Snowboard 2019 | The Gemsstock | Amplid 2019
Amplid Dada Snowboard 2019

It looks like the Dada effectively takes over from the Pillow Talk in the Amplid line. It’s a more freestyle focused powder deck for riders who still want a floaty board but prefer a more twin-like shape. With the wider market going so super directional, I’m sure there will be a few folks who will welcome a shape like the Dada.

I reckon it could be a really fun resort board too – great for cruising around the pistes but able to handle hits of pow when required.

  • Length → 154cm
  • Sidecut Radius → 7m
  • Stance → 15mm setback
  • Waist Width → 275mm
  • Taper → 7mm
  • Camber → Twin Cruise Camber





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