Antti Autti | Statements Chapter 1 – Exploring Swedish Alps

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In chapter one of Statements, Antti Autti and Will Jackways travel to northern Sweden to ride the mountains around the country’s highest peak, Kebnekaise. These are big mountains with interesting terrain and long descents – perfect for showcasing Antti’s smooth and creative riding.┬áStatements is all about natural riding through freeride terrain, we’re looking forward to seeing future episodes to see how the series evolves.

Although perhaps less well known for its backcountry than areas in neaighbouring Norway like Lyngen and Lofoten, the mountains around Abisko and Kebnekaise are primed for big mountain riding. Spring brings generally favourable weather and snow conditions. Plenty of heli companies operate in the area and rates are considerably lower than heli boarding elsewhere in the world. The legendary resort of Riksgransen is close too. All in all it makes for a great place to spend time in spring on snowboard and splitboard. Check out this episode of Untracked for more info.

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