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Black Diamond PIEPS Pocket

Black Diamond release a new range of ski/board specific apparel this winter. A feature they have built into some of the pants in the range is the PEIPS Pocket. Carrying your beacon in a pocket rather than in the traditional way holstered across your torso seems to getting more popular and a few companies are trying to accommodate this in pocket design somehow. BD have come with PIEPS pocket (BD own PIEPS transceivers, btw).

The PIEPS pocket looks pretty well designed, with the beacon being held securely in the pocket but easy to access when required. It’s definitely going to be a case of trying the pocket out with other brands of beacons though, just to make sure they fit. I suspect that unless you’re running something old that’s bigger than the norm these days, you’re not going to have a problem.

As ever, most of BD’s marketing blurb is aimed at the ski market but they are gonna work well for snowboarding too. There are some really nicely put together pieces in the line with some good colourways in there too. The Mission Pant is one of the key styles in the range. It uses Gore-Tex Pro and has some good looking features.