Burton Snowboards | 2016 Powder / Freeride / Splitboard Highlights

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Burton always produce a decent offering of solids and splits aimed at the powder hungry rider. For the winter of 2015 / 2016 I think their range is looking pretty sweet. It’s good to see such a varied lineup of shapes and camber options – there is something here for everyone – from the big mountain pro all the way to the rider who is looking for an inexpensive deck for the odd pow day at the resort.

Burton Fish Snowboard

Burton Fish 2016
Burton Fish Snowboard 2016

Pretty much the only place to start I reckon. The definitive powder board is looking as rad as ever with its new Jaws graphic. The Fish is built for float with a massive 30mm of taper, directional flex and the double mini swallowtail. Burton’s Flat Top Rocker profile is flat throughout with a smooth rocker towards the tip for that surf-like feeling on deep days.

2016 sizes → 151, 156, 161


Burton Family Tree Modified Fish

Burton Family Tree Modified Fish Snowboard
Burton Family Tree Modified Fish Snowboard 2016

This is an interesting one….. There’s a good argument to suggest that, for most riders at least, a pow board shouldn’t be too pricey as it’ll probably be one deck in a quiver. Enter the Modified Fish. It’s way cheaper than the regular Fish and many other powder boards out there too. You don’t get the mini swallowtail of the regular Fish, or as much taper. However the surfy Flat Top Camber is still going on and the board has a reduced sidecut giving it a looser more playful feel. Looks like a good option for anyone looking for a cheaper pow board or for something with a less aggressively directional feel than a typical Fish-like board.

2016 Sizes → 151, 156


Burton Landlord Snowboard

Burton Family Tree Landlord Snowboard 2016
Burton Family Tree Landlord Snowboard 2016

The real powerhouse in this line up – the Landlord is one of the most versatile and interesting shapes out there. There’s some clever stuff going on with this snowboard – floaty but powerful, directional yet with the feel of a twin. The key to the Landlord’s versatility is in the back foot camber. This gives the board more power and edge hold. In front of the bindings rocker towards the tip helps the board to float, as does the 17mm of taper. Because the Landlord has more of a regular tail and a sidecut centered over the stance too, it’s also designed to retain a freestyle / twin feel.

The Landlord might not be the first choice pow board for someone who exclusively rides super deep tree lines but for the all round freerider who likes to shred powder all over the mountain this is a good option.

2016 Sizes → 154, 159, 163

Burton Family Tree ToughCat Snowboard

Burton Family Tree Tough Cat Snowboard 2016
Burton Family Tree Tough Cat Snowboard 2016

The ToughCat is something of a throwback to the days of the Custom X and T6 decks – yes it’s a little more pow specific than those boards but it’s still an aggressive all mountain board packed with technical features. As the name suggests, the ToughCat is also built to handle abuse and it has beefier edges than usual. Directional flex and shape along with a set back stance guarantee lift in powder and a deep sidecut (radius less than 8m) will make the ToughCat responsive and reactive.

2016 Sizes → 158, 162, 168


Burton Skipjack Snowboard

Burton Skipjack Snowboard 2016
Burton Skipjack Snowboard 2016

Seems like Burton aren’t afraid to throw a curve ball every now and again. Just when everyone is getting loose and surf-like they  go and make a super short swallowtail with regular camber. If you’ve ridden one of the new breed of surf inspired highly rockered decks that are so popular right now, but wished you had more power and direction, then the Skipjack might be the board for you.

2016 Sizes → 152


Burton Skipjack Surf Snowboard

Burton Skipjack Surf Snowboard 2016
Burton Skipjack Surf Snowboard 2016

Carrying on from where the Family Tree Pile Driver left off last winter, the Skipjack Surf Snowboard is a looser, surfier version of the regular Skipjack board. Where the regular deck has camber, this board has Flat Top Rocker for mega float and a looser feel. The Skipjack Surf can be ridden with or without bindings due to the surf pad on the topsheet. A nice option for anyone wanting just one board for both regular riding with bindings and also a spot of powsurfing when conditions are right.

2016 Sizes → 148

Burton Family Tree Fish Splitboard

Burton Family Tree Fish Splitboard 2016
Burton Family Tree Fish Splitboard 2016

A real thing of beauty, the Family Tree Fish Split is one for the split connoisseur. It’s going to make for either a hell of a split quiver board or perhaps even an only splitboard for anyone who regularly hits super snowy places, or just likes the feel of a highly tapered, super directional board. Family Tree range art always looks cool and particularly so here I think – the split colour base is pretty nice too. The channel system really comes into its own on a splitboard too, where traditionally stance options are somewhat limited.

2016 Sizes → 156


Burton Family Tree Landlord Splitboard

Burton Family Tree Landlord Splitboard
Burton Family Tree Landlord Splitboard 2016

The Landlord Split has a combination of shape and features that makes it one of the most desirable splitboards on the market for sure. Its shape bears homage to the legendary Malolo – surely it’s only a matter of time before we see the Malolo again. So many stance options, a floaty nose, balanced stance and sidecut, back foot camber, 17mm of taper and directional flex and camber make this split an all terrain, all conditions ripper.

2016 Sizes → 154, 159, 163, 168


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More info over at burton.com

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