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I make no apologies for featuring the Endeavor Archetype Series Snowboard year after year.¬†What started out as an R+D prototype a couple of years ago has turned into the premier board in the Vancouver brand’s line. For winter 2017 / 2018 the Archetype Series Snowboard is a stealthy looking beast.

Endeavor Archetype Series Snowboard 2017 2018
Endeavor Archetype Series Snowboard 2017 2018

The Archetype is simply a beautiful looking board; gorgeous lines accentuated by clean graphics. Its features are impressive too. 30mm of taper means the board is already going to float well and with the swallowtail too it should be pretty much impossible to submarine the nose. The tail also gets added Carbon Vs to increase stability and provide pop. This, combined with the directional camber, should mean the Archetype carves on hardpack nicely too.

It pretty much goes without saying that it’d be cool to see the Archetype Series Snowboard available as a splitboard model. We’ll see, maybe in the future that’ll become a reality.

Sit back and watch Rusty Ockenden shred some epic looking BC pow on the Endeavor Archetype Series:

There are two other backcountry orientated boards in the Endeavor line this winter – the Scout and the Maverick. The Scout is very much a straight down the line, all mountain powder board. 10mm of taper is just enough to provide lift in pow but not so much as to affect hard snow performance too much. Hover camber and a cutaway tail further aid float and maneuverability.

The Maverick is a different proposition. More of a traditional twin like shape but with a little taper, the Maverick is designed to shred the resort as well as handle a little backcountry freestyle too.

All three boards feature seamless sidewalls for added durability and a smoother ride, along with the proven Channel System that enables such an awesome variety of stance options.


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