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Norway is the perfect place for a powder road trip. The west coast especially is littered with awesome spots that have some amazing terrain and great backcountry access. Resorts like Stranda, Opdall and Sogndal are virtually unheard of outside Scandinavia, yet they receive some of the biggest snowfalls in Europe and are seldom busy.

FlyDrive Norway are an experienced tour operator specialising in Norway who have recently launched their ‘Ski Bum Tours’ program. They are a combination of 3 different routes through Norway’s beautiful mountains, each one stopping at a different resort each day. FlyDrive Norway will also help the customer put together a bespoke trip to suit their needs and provide tips and recommendations based on their extensive experience. Check out the 3 Ski Bum Tours below:

Fly Drive Norway Ski Bum 2

The Fjord Tour starts in Bergen and ends in the beautiful city of Alesund. This is the one for the real powder enthusiasts. If the jet stream is firing and fronts are coming in off the Atlantic then chances are this tour will be deep!


Fly Drive Norway Ski Bum 3

The Capital Tour travels east to west across the south of Norway, starting in Oslo and ending in Bergen. This tour passes through a great variety of terrain and scenery, from the wide open spaces of the Hardangervidda to the forests and fjords of the west. Resorts visited include Gaustablikk and Hemsedal.


Fly Drive Norway Ski Bum 4

The Central Tour also begins in Oslo but this time travels north and then west to end in Alesund. More beautiful mountains, great snow and empty slopes await in resorts like Oppdal and Stranda.

There is something really special about travelling through the mountains, chasing the snow and experiencing different places. Road trips may take a little more effort to pull off than regular ski trips but they always leave a big mark and heaps of memories.

Find out more about the Ski Bum Tours at

Hemsedal 3
Alpenglow on the peaks surrounding Hemsedal


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