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The Vojd Pants are a new addition to the Haglofs range for winter 2014/2015 are have been designed to complement the Vojd Jacket and provide the highest performing, most durable pant out there for freeride skiing and snowboarding.

Materials and Construction

As is often the case with Haglofs ski clothing, the Vojd Pants are right up there with the best when it comes to the materials and construction techniques employed. The 3 layer Gore-Tex Pro fabric used on the pants has a particularly tough face fabric that feels like it will stand up to pretty much anything. Gore-Tex Pro has a smooth inner surface so the Vojd Pants slide easily over base layer leggings too. They appear to have been put together particularly well – all the seams are very neat and the appropriate wear points have been reinforced.


The Vojd Pants fit like a modern freeride ski pant should – roomy through the thighs and lower leg with good articulation in the knees and crotch. I really like how the pants are shaped a little higher at the rear to help stop snow getting in. They aren’t too high as to get in the way when wearing a rucksack though and the feature also helps to keep under layers tucked in.


The sample Vojd Pants I tested were a large – a size bigger than I’d normally go for – so they were a little baggy, especially around the waist. I think a medium would be right on the money though so I’d advise anyone looking to buy a pair of Vojd Pants without trying them on first to pretty much just go for their normal size as a starting point.


It would be fair to say that the Vojd Pants are a feature rich product. The waist has a quality poppered closure along with a really well designed side tab system that fastens down well to hold the pants in place. Belt loops mean a regular belt can also be added though I found the side tabs worked just fine, even though the pants were a little too big for me. The inside of the waist is lined with soft micro fleece for comfort and there is a short zip to attach the pants to the snow skirt of compatible Haglofs jackets if required.

‘a feature rich product’

Haglofs have really gone to town with the pockets on the Vojd Pants. You get two large micro fleece lined zipped hand pockets that are great for both storing stuff and actually putting your hands in. On each thigh there is a large pocket, the right one also having a stretchy internal sleeve designed to hold a transceiver. There’s also a retainer to clip the transceiver onto in order to keep it safe whilst it’s actually been used. Although the transceiver sometimes felt a little cumbersome on my thigh it’s actually a system that works rather well I think. There will also be a valid argument for storing a transceiver under clothing but stored in the thigh pocket it is easy to access in an emergency and away from your torso should you take a fall.

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A strong feature of the Vojd Pants are the super long side vents. They are easy to use, in the just the right place and when zipped open form a big opening that really lets air flow through well. The water-resistant zips slide easily and are sewn in on a nice angle so opening them one-handed is possible. These vents were typically the first way I’d cool off when getting a little warm and often did the trick and regulated my core temperature nicely without having to vent any other clothing.

‘super long side vents’

The cuffs of the Vojd Pant are covered with Schoeller Keprotec Kevlar fabric which is a very durable and hard wearing textile. The internal gaiters are designed to lock out snow and fit snugly around ski or snowboard boots.

In Use

The Vojd Pants were a joy to use. I took them on a splitboard trip to Lyngen and found them to be a great backcountry pant. I like the robust feel of the Gore-Tex fabric – it inspires confidence and I’ve no doubt the Vojd Pants would last many years of use and remain weatherproof and comfortable. I also found the fabric to be plenty breathable enough on warmer days.

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The features and fit of the Vojd Pants indicate that they have been designed for the all round skier or rider. They would suit someone looking for a pant that works both at the resort and in the backcountry. They are perhaps a little on the heavy side for touring but that extra weight does get you that bombproof feel along with features like the micro fleece lined waist and pockets.

‘bombproof feel’

A couple of small things I found annoying – firstly the zips on the thigh pockets sometimes get caught on the flaps that partially cover them and secondly the cuff gaiters have a small buckle to tighten them around a boot, which sometimes sat awkwardly under my snowboard binding strap. Neither points are deal breakers and the later won’t make a difference at all to skiers, but they are both areas that could be improved upon all the same.


I’d describe the Vojd Pants as solid, reliable and very well designed, pretty much just what you’d expect from a top of the range Haglofs product. They also look great in the orange colour. Recommended for core skiers who want a pant to ride everyday in, whether at the resort or in the backcountry.

Weight → 640g

Fabric → 3 layer Gore-Tex Pro, Schoeller Keprotec Kevlar

RRP → £480

The Good

Mega fabric and construction. Versatile. Decent fit. Good venting.

The Not So Good

Thigh pocket zips snag. Internal gaiter buckle sits under snowboard binding straps. Extensive feature set and durable construction means a little extra weight. Expensive.

The Bottom Line

Bombproof do it all ski pants for freeriding and touring with great fit and features.


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