Helvetic Backcountry Tourenatlas And Tourenatlas App

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I came across the Tourenatlas whilst researching the endless possibilities for ski touring and splitboarding within the Swiss Alps. The Tourenatlas is essentially a guide-book to the best touring regions of Switzerland, complete with over 1000 routes. Included with the book are small maps of each region. The work that Markus and Nicolas, along with a few friends, must have put in to make this project happen must have been huge.¬†At the moment there isn’t an English version – any chance of one in the future guys?

Helvetic Backcountry Tourenatlas

The package is expensive (100CHF) but will provide a lifetime’s worth of stoke, inspiration and information. A small map card for each area is also available to download off the website for just 5CHF.

Along with the book and maps Helvetic Backcountry have released an app for both iOS and Android. It’s free to download and the maps and info on there are really clear and well presented.


To buy the Tourenatlas, or for more info, check out Helvetic Backcountry.

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