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The Jones Mind Expander is a great example of why Jones Snowboards have grown into one of snowboarding’s most important and progressive brands. The Mind Expander looks to take the current surf inspired snowboarding trend beyond the short and wide and into a new zone. 

When Jeremy Jones launched Jones Snowboards a decade or so ago, you could perhaps have been forgiven for expecting a range of solid big mountain focused decks. Snowboards that will be great to ride, no doubt, but maybe not push the envelope where creativity is concerned. That initial line of four boards has developed into one of the biggest and most diverse ranges of high-end boards out there.

Yes, they’re all based around freeride and backcountry snowboarding in general, but the snowboards in the 2018 Jones line have come so far from the early days. The Mind Expander is a perfect example of this progression within the brand. It’s also testament to Jeremy Jones himself and proof of the man’s influence on snowboarding.

Jones Mind Expander The Gemsstock

Like the Storm Chaser, the Mind Expander was developed in conjunction with surf shaping legend Chris Christenson. It features Christenson Surf Rocker – a full rocker profile with a flat section under the feet, a long smooth nose rocker and shorter tail rocker. Spoon 3 base profile is designed to aid turn initiation and glide and should make the Jones Mind Expander great in pow but also super fun on soft groomers and in slushy conditions too. Bamboo stringers in the core add power in the turn and provide more stability in more difficult terrain.

Above all, the Jones Mind Expander just looks like a super fun snowboard. Equally suited to a deep day in Japan as it is to a spring session cruising with friends.

Available from The Snowboard Asylum.



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