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Jones have been quietly expanding their range of equipment and accessories in recent years. I usually tend to think that the best packs are made by pack specialist companies. However, there are so few snowboarding specific backcountry rucksacks out there that I think the new Jones DSCNT line is definitely worth a look. 

A good pack that’s comfortable and easy to use is so important when both riding the lifts and particularly so when splitboarding. Get it right and you hardly notice it’s there. Make the wrong choice and it can be a frustrating and uncomfortable piece of gear. 

There are 4 models in the Jones DSCNT range; the 19L, 25L, 32L and a 32L RAS (Mammut) airbag compatible pack. They’re all clean and fairly minimal in design. They’re all have a stealth black look along with nice details like chunky zipper pulls and big buckles that are easier to work when wearing gloves.

Jones DSCNT 19L | The Gemsstock
Jones DSCNT 19L ~

I haven’t used one but they look well made and feel really durable. The main fabric is a 450d nylon and is both recycled and PVC free which is pretty cool. They all have a front panel helmet holder which I really like too. Carrying a helmet when splitboarding can sometimes feel like a ball ache and an external stowable holder is definitely the way to go. 

Avi info ~

The 19L looks great for resort riding and short tours. The 25L is your all round day touring pack and the 32L looks good for more gear intensive or longer tours. It might just have enough capacity for a lightweight overnight stay in a hut too. For more dedicated hut to hut tours or expeditions Jones also have the Minimalist 35L and 45L rucksacks. 

Jones DSCNT 25L | The Gemsstock
Jones DSCNT 25L ~
Jones DSCNT 32L | The Gemsstock
Jones DSCNT 32L ~

I’m going to try and get hold of a pack to review this winter. In the meantime check out the Jones DSCNT packs over at The Snowboard Asylum

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