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KORUA are really stepping it up this winter. A new mini range of decks called KORUA Plus featuring high-end carbon construction and an all black aesthetic will take the brand to a new place. Although KORUA Shapes have always been at home in the big mountains (check out KORUA owner Nicholas Wolken in the AK segment from Nipple Deep), the KORUA Plus range is their first move towards making big mountain / performance specific decks. The Cafe Racer, Pencil and Tranny Finder solids and splitboards will all be available in the Plus range

Korua Shapes Tranny Finder Plus
KORUA Shapes Tranny Finder Plus
Korua Shapes Pencil Plus
KORUA Shapes Pencil Plus


KORUA have 2 other new boards for winter 2017 / 2018 in the Tugboat and the Obelix. They are both short, wide boards with P-Tex rather than metal edges. Both also feature a 3D base with some sort of channel and ‘tipping point’ to maximise turn and flow in pow and on hardpack.

The Tugboat has a super wide nose with a mini swallowtail whilst the Obelix has a very radical looking shape which kinda reminds me of the Lib Tech Banana Hammock from a few years back. But whereas the Banana Hammock was a sort of twin, the Obelix looks like a purely directional pow machine. Both the Tugboat and the Obelix are gonna turn heads big time this winter.

KORUA Shapes Tugboat
KORUA Shapes Tugboat
KORUA Shapes Obelix and Tugboat Powderguide.com
KORUA Shapes Obelix and Tugboat. Image from powderguide.com.



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