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What’s it like to ride one of the classic steep lines in Chamonix? Check out this POV from Julien ‘Pica’ Herry on Mallory – perhaps theĀ most classic of the famous big lines in Chamonix. And in a valley that’s overflowing with classic steep lines, that’s saying something.

The Mallory starts right out of the top station of the Aiguille du Midi and descends the front North face in a series of traverses and hanging snowfields, with a couple of short abseils to get past awkward sections. Anyone who has gazed through the window of the cable car as it rises above the face knows the score; Mallory is a remarkable line in an incredible environment. Julien ‘Pica’ Herry rides the face with his usual style and flow, he even throws in a couple of switch jump turns – his signature move.




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