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Offshore Snow Shapes have just gone and done a great thing. The high-end, small-batch brand run by Australian surfers Josh Monin and Richard Willcocks have just finished work their own bespoke snowboard factory. What’s more, the factory they’ve built is in Niseko Moiwa, Japan.

In a bid to place their destiny truly in their own hands, Offshore decided to commit to building their own production facility. Not only does this move mean they have complete control over quality, direction and innovation, it also places them in the centre of the deep snow riding world.

Along with the 15m+ annual snowfall, the snow riding scene in Hokkaido oozes creativity and potential. Niseko has a sense of place like almost nowhere else.


Offshore Snow Shapes
Offshore’s new factory in Niseko Moiwa


Made here / Tested here


In snowboarding, some places are special. Places where snowboarding flourishes due to a combination of places, people and time. Mt Baker back in the day, Chamonix, AK, Laax. Niseko isn’t just the powder capital of the world, it’s also a place where the artisan values and culture that are shaping snowboarding more than ever right now, are at their most prevalent. It’s the perfect place for a brand like Offshore to call home.

The new Offshore Snow Shapes line is looking pretty sweet too. 5 boards, all pow shapes that are designed to not only excel in powder but all over the mountain too. They are one of the very few snowboard brands who offer their customers the chance to custom build their ideal deck, with camber, flex, core type and colour scheme all part of the deal.

A couple of highlights from the current line:


Sea Biscuit

A short-wide shape engineered for maximum float and playfulness. The Sea Biscuit’s extra width makes pow landings easy, whilst a healthy side-cut encourages tight arcs and powerful slashes.

Offshore Snow Shapes Sea Biscuit
Offshore Snow Shapes Sea Biscuit


Curtis Wooodman comes up for air


A high-performance directional powder board inspired by classic surfboard design. The Snurfs Up has a wide nose and pulled-in tail that keeps the nose up and the back foot agile, whilst the pin tail adds controlled drift and release throughout turns.

Offshore Snow Shapes Snurfs Up
Offshore Snow Shapes Snurfs Up


Hokkaido Flow ~


Tommy Steinbacher + Hokkaido Cold Smoke


Check out the current Offshore Snow Shapes line at More on the brand here.




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