Custom Made Powder Boards From Australia


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Offshore Snow Shapes are a grassroots snowboard company based in Australia whose approach and philosophy encapsulates everything that’s good about snowboarding right now.


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The creation of Josh Monin, Offshore Snow Shapes make custom, made to order powder boards. Heavily influenced by surfing culture, Offshore are part of the current crop of grassroots brands putting a little soul back into snowboarding. Their focus is on quality – small production runs of their regular stock boards, along with one-off custom made to order decks, mean great detail and care goes into making each and every shape that Offshore produce.

Offshore are the antithesis of big buck, corporate snowboarding that prevailed through the 90’s and 00’s. Each Offshore stick is special. This is not off the shelf mass consumerism, this is a sustainable way of making snowboards and doing business. The end result is that the consumer gets a snowboard built to their specifications by a company who cares about the current state of snowboarding and not just about making a shit load of cash.


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Offshore’s range of shapes is tight and focused – they’re all powder boards of some description and all have nod towards surfing. They’re available as regular stock models ridden by the Offshore team, or as a custom model. The customer can choose the length, profile, flex, colour and insert placement of their custom deck, enabling them to get an ideal set up for them. Custom boards are even branded with the rider’s name and board specs too.

The current Offshore Snow Shapes line looks like this:


Snurfs Up

Offshore Snowshapes Snurfs Up

SnurfsUp_ShapingBay_RyanKeats small

Offshore’s flagship deck, the Snurfs Up has 20mm of taper combined with a pin tail to give a surf like feeling when riding powder. The stock model features a Pow Rock profile for float and control whatever the conditions. As with all Offshore Shapes, the Snurfs Up is available as a custom build in the length, camber profile, flex and colour of choice.


Sea Biscuit

Offshore Snowshapes Sea Biscuit

SeaBiscuitHike_HokkaidoBC_RyanKeats_0028 small

Fully dialed into the current trend of short, wide pow boards, the Sea Biscuit is a short board inspired deck for deep tree runs. The stock model of the Sea Biscuit comes in 147 and 150 lengths and has a full camber profile for extra power. A deepish sidecut compensates for the 270 / 276mm width which, combined with the 55mm set back stance, gives the Sea Biscuit proper float.


Cabin Fever

Offshore Snowshapes Cabin FeverThe most conventional pow board in the Offshore line, the Cabin Fever has a shape that will rip both in the pow and on the piste, making it a perfect choice for the rider who wants to ride an Offshore shape around the resort as well as in the backcountry. The stock model has 10mm of taper, a pow rock profile and a 90mm set back stance.


Half Baked

Offshore Snowshapes Half BakedThe least directional board in the Offshore line, The Half Baked has a slightly tapered twin shape for improved deep snow freestyle performance. 8mm of taper keeps the nose a float on deep days and the pin tail makes riding and landing switch easier.



The Northern Way Offshore Snowshapes

Offshore also run powder trips to their spiritual home of Hokkaido. The Offshore team have over a decade of experience riding powder in Japan, so this looks like a good way to explore the north Island’s legendary powder, get away from the crowds of Niseko and make the deepest turns of your life. Both 7 and 14 night packages are available – more info right here.


Images – Offshore Snow Shapes.

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