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Powfinder are a new snowboard brand out of the Netherlands and the Morris Signature is the first board in the Powfinder line. Designed to excel on powder days, this bamboo beauty also rips on groomers too. 

Powfinder Morris Signature Review | The Gemsstock
The Powfinder Morris Signature is shaped for riding powder ~


Powfinder Morris Signature Review | The Basics

In the past few years there have been new snowboard brands popping up all over the place. Powfinder is one such example. Powfinder is made up of three dudes from The Netherlands, one of whom happens to be Meteo Morris from WePowder. He developed the Morris Signature and it became Powfinder’s first board. Currently available in 2 lengths; 157 and 164. Powfinder loaned me a 157 Morris Signature to ride this past winter.

Length → 157

Camber → 5 mm directional

Sidecut → 8.3

Stance → 25mm set back

Taper → 29mm

Float → 4148cm2

Waist width → 270mm


Powfinder Morris Signature Review | On Snow

It’s pretty obvious that the Morris Signature is shaped for riding pow. Pretty much everything about the board’s shape is geared towards providing float and control in deep snow. The nose plays a really big part in how a powder board rides and the Morris Signature sure has a big one. The 25mm set back stance makes for a 360mm long nose. It’s also wide, so float is guaranteed. It’s near impossible to sink the nose in powder.

The long, wide nose is almost impossible to sink, even in deep heavy pow ~

In deep untracked snow the pointy nose makes for a smooth and easy ride. I’ve ridden powder boards with stiffer, more powerful noses that were perhaps better at dealing with tracked snow and difficult conditions, but when it’s untracked the Morris Signature’s nose works really well. It provides buoyancy, is impossible to sink and feels pretty soulful too. 

At 27cm the Morris Signature 157 has a wide waist. It adds to the overall surface area of the board and consequently aids floatation. It also means you can really lean over into the turn when carving on piste without worrying about washing out. The board has a moderate sidecut at 8.3m. Enough to make slashing banks at speed really good fun but not so much that you can’t make big arcing turns in more open terrain.

The Morris Signature’s short tail is wide and powerful. It provides a solid platform to carve on. The swallowtail helps the tail sink in deep snow and gives the board float and control in powder.

Powfinder Morris Signature Review | The Gemsstock
The wide waist and short powerful tail means the Morris Signature is at home carving turns on groomers ~

The board has fairly significant camber. It’s centered under the feet and provides a good feel in the turn, especially so on hard and groomed snow. Because the nose is so long, engaging the camber ‘pops’ the nose up and helps with float. The transition from camber to rocker in the nose is a long, smooth one and I didn’t find the contact points catchy at all.

Other than the obvious pow specific shape, it’s the extensive use of Bamboo that otherwise defines how the Morris Signature rides. It makes for a very lightweight board that feels great to ride. It’s lively, yet kinda smooth at the same time. It definitely feels like you’re riding something natural. The bamboo sidewalls appear to be durable and the top sheet looks gorgeous. Big thumbs up for bamboo.

Powfinder claim the Electra 5920 base to be ‘the highest quality, fastest base ever made’. It certainly feels pretty fast, though not exceptionally so. After many days riding it was spotless so it appears to be pretty durable too.

Bamboo looks great and is really nice to ride too ~

Powfinder Morris Signature Review | Verdict

Really nice powboard that combines high-end materials and beautiful aesthetics with the good vibes you get from buying into a smaller brand. Rides beautifully in untracked snow and on groomers too. For most riders the Morris is going to be a quiver board. I’d say the fact that it’s at home on groomers does make it a very versatile one though.

Great for resort pow, tree lines and couloirs, the 157 is a good all round size for most riders. I imagine the 164 will be a beast in bigger terrain and with a 280mm waist width would be well suited to heavier riders with larger feet.

Powfinder Morris Signature Review
Smooth and easy in the pow ~




Disclaimer – I aim to be open and honest when writing gear reviews. On this occasion, Powfinder loaned me a sample board for review. My views and opinions are independent whether I’m reviewing an item that has been loaned or given to me, or a product I purchased myself.


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