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Powfinder Snowboards are a new brand from The Netherlands. Built on decades of freeriding experience, Powfinder may be a fledgling brand but their boards are conceived out of many years of riding pow and refining ideas of what a pow board should be.


Powfinder Swowboards Morris Signature The Gemsstock
The Powfinder Morris Signature


Powfinder Snowboards consists of three dudes from The Netherlands, one of whom happens to be Meteo Morris from the snow forecast website WePowder. Powfinder’s first offering is the Morris Signature deck. Available this winter in 157 and 164 lengths, the Morris Signature is a high-end swallowtail powsurfer that uses some of the best materials and construction techniques out there to create a deck that rips in the pow, and on hard pack too.


The Morris Signature uses bamboo in a big way. It has bamboo sidewalls, a bamboo based core and a carbonized bamboo topsheet. It also features a super fast black electra 5920 base, extra inserts for a wider stance and a continuous steel edge. Bamboo gives the board a smooth and responsive feel. It’s a lightweight and a sustainable material too.


Powfinder Snowboards Morris Signature base
Electra 5920 base


Powfinder Snowboards Morris Signature swallowtail The Gemsstock
Everyone loves a swallowtail ~


Powfinder Snowboards Morris Signature The Gemsstock
Bamboo sidewalls


I get the impression that the concept behind this board is to create something with the feel and soul of a hand-built snowsurfer, combined with the performance you’d expect from a top end regular freeride board. It’s a nice concept, especially for riders who like to mix it up in big terrain, alongside more mellow pow runs.


Stats for the Morris Signature 157 look like this:

  • length (mm)  –  1570
  • float (sqcm)  –  4148
  • running length (mm)  –  1100
  • tip width (mm)  –  320
  • nose length (mm)  –  360
  • waist width (mm)  –  270
  • tail width (mm)  –  291
  • avg. sidecut radius (m)  –  8,3 (progressive tri radius)
  • setback (mm)  –  25


And the Morris 164:

  • length (mm)  –  1640
  • float (sqcm)  –  4435
  • running length (mm)  –  1160
  • tip width (mm)  –  334
  • waist width (mm)  –  280
  • tail width (mm)  –  304
  • avg. sidecut radius (mm)  –  8500 (progressive tri radius)
  • setback (mm)  –  45


The combination of surface area and overall shape should result in a board that floats really nicely. The Morris also has rocker in the nose, mid board camber and small amount of rocker in the tail. It’s a tried and tested camber profile for freeride and powder orientated decks.


Powfinder Snowboards Morris Signature The Gemsstock
Engelberg Pow on a Powfinder Morris Signature


I’m hopeful of getting my hands on a Powfinder deck later this winter so watch this space for more thoughts…

Loads more info over on the Powfinder Snowboards website.



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