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The Climbing Technology Agile Kit is a Climbing Technology Agile ice axe that comes complete with a pick cover and shovel attachment. It’s a great option for anyone looking to lighten their load when ski touring or splitboarding.

An innovative concept from Climbing Technology, the Agile Kit enables a shovel to be fitted to the shaft of an Agile ice axe. This eliminates the need for a shovel handle which means less to carry. The Agile axe is an extremely light and functional tool specifically designed for backcounty ski and snowboard use and ski touring competitions. It is made entirely of adonized light alloy and has a ridiculously low weight of just 225g. The Agile is 45cm long and a pick cover is included.

The aluminium shovel is simple, tough and designed to move snow efficiently. It has holes for that keep the weight down and enable it to be used as a deadman. The axe and shovel combined weigh just 655g.

The Agile Axe is also available as a stand alone product.



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