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The Karakoram Quiver-Connector is a pretty cool thing. It enables the use of Karakoram binders on any board – split or solid. I like the idea of just riding one binding on any board and it’s especially useful for situations when you might wanna ride in the backcountry and the resort on the same trip.

Karakoram Quiver-Connectors
Karakoram Quiver-Connector

Plus this year Karakoram have also introduced a small line of bindings aimed squarely at resort riding. The All Mountain Prime range is made up of the Connect and Connect RCT bindings. Both come with 2 sets of Quiver-Connectors included. They can, of course, also be used on a split. Pretty sweet.

Karakoram Prime Connect Binding
Karakoram Prime Connect Binding
Karakoram Prime Connect RCT Binding

More info over on the Karakoram website.



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