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SplitSticks Splitboards – Straight Out Of Innsbruck, Austria

It’s not often that a new brand springs up out of nowhere with a product offering to rival even the most established players in the business, but SplitSticks seem to have done just that. The splitboard market is growing fast and it seems most of the big snowboard manufacturers now offer a split of some description, many of them don’t offer anything new though.

SplitSticks are a young company led by Stefan Vellinger who are based out of Innsbruck, Austria. They offer a small range of high quality splitboards and split accessories including bindings, crampons and skins. Their ISPO award winning board/binding interface is a custom design that looks particularly easy to use, even with gloves on and in bad conditions. The combination of the interface system and stiff, solid all mountain boards produces a very stable ride that should handle the most serious terrain with ease.

The SplitSticks range is built around a board called The Slasher. It’s a stiff, all mountain charger with a tapered shape for better control in powder. In big mountain terrain it produces a powerful, stable ride whilst in the trees the tapered shape should make it float well and turn easily.

“In designing the Slasher, we aim for insane control in any terrain. Here in Tirol, the testing ground for SplitSticks, we like to start our earned pow runs with fast lines at warp speed. Followed up with massive slashes of windlips along the way.”

For riders who want the lowest weight possible, SplitSticks make a carbon version of The Slasher too. It looks like the real deal for big days in the mountains or splitboard expeditions. The carbon laminate produces extra pop in the board and increased torsional stiffness for even more stability.

“This board is a mean camber machine that craves to be ridden with power and dominance. The slightly tapered shape keeps the board agile in tight situations, a trusted companion for even the gnarliest steeps. Enjoy the pow.”

SplitSticks’ bindings are light, strong and connect to the board using the bespoke interface that is entirely CNC-machined for a precision fit. Crampons can be fitted to the bindings for extra security in hard or icy conditions and the heel raiser can be flipped down easily on the ascent.

The company also have custom splitboard skins and 4 part poles that will collapse to a shorter length than many ski poles and therefore fit in a pack more easily. There’s also a new board coming for winter 2014/15.