Verts | The Big Mountain Snowshoe

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I can’t have been the only one left wondering what the snow shoe like contraption that kept appearing on the feet of riders like Jeremy Jones and Lucas Debari whilst climbing lines in Alaska are. Turns out they are simple strap on snow shoes with fixed heels called Verts. They look super useful for both hardcore use in places like AK but also for just getting around in mellower terrain or in tight trees.

By the looks of it they’re light, simple, durable and inexpensive. Expect similar products to appear on the market over the next few years – I Know at least 1 major European manufacturer of climbing hardware is looking into producing something similar.

There’s a ton of info on Verts in this article over on Teton Gravity Research. They are available to order at Spark R&D have also developed an adapter to enable their splitboard bindings to slide straight onto the Verts for easier transition out of skinning mode and into climbing mode.

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